Friday, February 29, 2008

Do ONE THING today for stress relief

Feeling overwhelmed? Have so many things on your plate that you feel exhausted just thinking about it all?

Take just 30 seconds right now to feel better instantly - do some deep breathing!

Deep breathing is not the same thing as a sigh...when breathing deeply for stress relief, remember the phrase, "Slow and controlled."

Inhale slowly, perhaps even counting slowly to 4 or 5 in your head. Counting will "force" you to breathe slowly.

At the top of your inhale, hold your breath for just one second.

Then SLOWLY exhale, counting to 7 or 8 in your head. Again, the counting in your head encourages a slower exhale.

Repeat as many times as you wish! You can do this with your eyes closed or open, while sitting at a stop sign, while taking a break from working at the computer, before you put dinner on the table, ANY time.

Post your comments here about your use of deep breathing, and if you need more input, ask!

Good luck, and breathe on, ladies!


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