Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My goal in starting this blog is to provide a place and forum for mothers who run a home based business.

Being a work at home mom (WAHM) has so many challenges that are unique only to WAHMs. We are simulataneously entrepreneurs, full time mothers, household managers, and oftentimes wives. Learning how and where to strike the delicate balance between all the demands on our time can consume so much energy.

My intention is to make your life a little bit easier by providing suggestions, support, advice, and guidance.

One of the biggest frustrations about this lifestyle is how no one in the community truly understands us. We are entrepreneurs, yet equally dedicated to nurturing our families. We seek to grow our businesses, yet also to be present in the lives of our children. To say we are "working moms" fails to capture our entrepreneurial spirit. To say we are "stay at home moms" fails to acknowledge that we are business people.

Not having a brick and mortar business provides a great deal of flexibility, but also stress. We never really leave our offices. We rarely ever have "sick days" or vacation days. We constantly feel pulled to respond to potential clients and customers at all hours, knowing we can fit in quick phone calls and emails.

But it can leave us feeling depleted, directionless, and even pessimistic.

The good news is that you can get control of your life, your business, and your family. You lack nothing. You can, in fact, do it all. It may mean some creativity and doing some things differently. But adaptability and flexibility are hallmarks of this lifestyle.

Have faith, and ask for support!

Come back often, as I'll be posting tips and suggestions that can smooth out the rough edges and streamline your meaningful life choice.


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