Thursday, February 28, 2008

What is your business goal today?

One of the challenges of any business owner is clarifying and setting realistic, yet meaningful, goals.

Today, I am issuing a challenge to all WAHMs - develop one goal you would like to achieve next week.

It could be finding a new client, organizing your paper work for tax time, streamlining your email communications, or reading up on recent trends in your industry.

Take three minutes right now, and think of one goal for next week.

Then write that goal down - even EMAIL it to me so I can see it! Publicizing your goals makes it more likely that you'll stick to them.

Here are a few more guidelines to enhance your ability to achieve the goal you've just set:

1. Make the goal specific. It should be worded in a manner such that another person could look at it and understand exactly what you are intending to do.

2. Make the goal measurable. Quantify your goal in some way - this insures you know when you have actually reached the goal. And I guarentee you will feel great about it! Notice the difference between saying, "I want new clients" versus, "I will gain two new clients by next Friday." The latter comment focuses your attention and leads to measurable results.

3. Give yourself a time line. Most people work well with deadlines. Having a time limit in which to achieve your goal will impose some structure to your business allow you to concentrate your efforts in the most effective way.

And when you succeed in reaching your goal, let me know about it! I love to hear about people moving forward in their lives!


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