Monday, January 26, 2009

A Consistent Message

While there was more news of layoffs this morning, I managed to get two new clients in just one day. I have never confirmed two new clients in the same day before, so it marks an interesting milestone for me.

Then I started thinking - wonder why the economy is sending us mixed messages? I have certainly heard the adage that "fortunes are made during recessions," but this just seems different. People who have nothing to do with traditionally recession-proof businesses continue to do very well.

Without denying the royal mess that major segments of the economy are in, I do have to wonder about how we assess and determine the health and sickness of the economic situation.

Maybe the way in which we view the traditional exchange of goods and services is outdated, or at least incomplete. Could it be that, with our educational system pumping out worker for the industrial age, the breadth and scope of the new economy is being obscured?

So many women now have home based businesses. They may not make tons of money, but it represents dollars that aren't being spent elsewhere.

And, in broad terms, home based businesses require less working capital than brick and mortar stores, reducing their need for bank loans.

Perhaps the message is what this great land of ours has traditionally represented - carve out a niche for yourself, and do it in the most creative, cost effective way that you can.

Drilling that message consistently and continuously may help keep some parts of the economy afloat.

Keep moving forward, the potential within you is great!

To Your Continuing Prosperity,

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