Monday, February 16, 2009

What Would You Do Differently?

I'm in the process of writing my second book (which will probably be an e-book, incidentally) about managing stress during tough economic times. I was inspired to do this because of all the free floating anxiety and worry that is out in the world these days.

And not that folks have no reason to be concerned about things, but responding with stress and anxiety really adds multiple layers of problems.

So one thing I would challenge everyone to do is to answer the following question: If you woke up tomorrow and the economy was "fixed," what would you do differently?

For some people, the answer might be "I'd go out again to find a job and might have an easier time of it."

For others, the answer might be, "I'd put the house on the market like I've been wanting to for the past year."

Or, the answer might be, "Well, I guess there's not much I would do differently other than not feel as worried."

Whatever your personal answer, I'd like to encourage you to ACT on that answer. Get up tomorrow and move forward with your plans, regardless of the latest stock market news or unemployment figures.

If you want to sell your house, then put in on the market. True, it may take a really long time to sell, but there is 100% certainty of it NOT selling by keeping it off the market. You only have a shot at selling if it actually is for sale.

Are you unemployed and having a hard time finding another position? Maybe it's time to think more strategically - look at your skill set and talents from another standpoint, and perhaps you might find a new career path.

Even in "good economies," there are always employment sectors that are harder to find jobs in than others. In what ways can you make yourself more marketable? Are there classes you can take? Are there skills you can develop?

Or maybe making yourself more marketable means increasing your "mental flexibility:" expanding your ideas of what you can and will do.

It's easy to stay in a box we've been in a long time. But how liberating to climb out and see things we'd never noticed before that we really enjoy or have an aptitude for.

Stretch yourself just a bit....and see what happens.

If you own a business, step outside tomorrow and take your biz in a direction you never considered before. Just see what happens when you expand and move forward. Even if it doesn't work out, you'll feel great just trying something new.

Don't we all need something new to think about these days?

Do something differently, then let us know how it worked out!

To Your Continuing Prosperity,

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