Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working at Home?

My local paper did an article on working from home, and as a subset of that main topic, the journalist talked about those of us who work from home while home educating our children. Here's the link:

I am so glad this hit the news again, as one of my biggest career goals is to promote the powerful lifestyle of operating a home based business. I also happen to believe that more folks need to home educate their children, but that's a topic for another blog....

Having a home based business comes with many challenges. But in an unstable economic environment, taking on that challenge can be one of the best moves a person can make.

The tax benefits are an obvious perk. But beyond that, "owning" your ability to create money and build something that reflects YOU as an individual, while also preserving your desire to be present in the lives of your family members, is a priceless combination.

Home based businesses run the gamut from folks who just want to dabble a bit by making a few bucks indulging a passion or hobby, to those who really "work" the business aspect and establish a mini-empire for themselves.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum in which you fall, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit helps your grow personally as well. Learning how to promote and market yourself and your business often requires skills that you might not ordinarily use associate with business building.

For example, building relationships is the key to building business. Most women are great at relationship building, yet shy away from this when it comes to product/service promotion. Overcoming that mental block allows you to see ways in which you can enhance the lives of those around you, while also making some money in the process.

People are still spending money out there. They might not be purchasing big ticket items like houses and cars. But they are still buying makeup, small home decor items, jewelry, home-related services, and personal coaching services. They are still wanting to create healthy lives for themselves and their families, and are hungry for that information and support to make changes in that direction.

You CAN provide that! And do it from home....

To Your Continuing Prosperity,


Freakmom said...

Nice article! We may be starting up a home-based business as well as my working from home for an outside company. The company my husband works for is very unstable right now, so if it tanks he wants to start something up on his own. Keep writing your inspiration - a lot of us need it!

p.s. I'm mahnie3 on your yahoo group.

Anita Marchesani, Ph.D. said...

Thanks so much! And take the plunge, it is so worth it (of course you need to do it "safely.")

You can also ask questions that I can directly address on the blog, so that it is more helpful to you and others.

I always seek to promote the WAH life, it has so many rewards that are truly priceless.

PS - LOVE your avatar!